Flowers in your salad

Flores en tu ensalada
I wanted to tell you about Flores en tu ensalada (Flowers in your salad) long ago, but I couldn’t do it until now. Flores en tu ensalada through its exclusive gourmet kits promotes organic food and eatable floral art in which the only additive is the love and care used to cultivate your plants. I met Eva and Ana from Flores en tu ensalada because of a beautiful initiative promoted on social networks. It was an exchange of products with small brands like mine who value quality products and do things with love. I was thrilled that they liked my products and I accepted the proposal :) So I checked out their online store and chose the classic kit that includes cherry tomatoes, mini onions and lettuce. The kit box is gorgeous and has everything you need so you can plant at home easily. In addition it comes with a growing guide with instructions and tips for an optimal plantation. I’ve always wanted to have a small garden but living in an apartment is quite difficult. I’ve placed the plantation in the brightest room of the house and so far everything has sprouted, but the mini onions were slower to sprout. Soon I have to transplant them into a pot to allow them to grow and develop beautiful fruits. I’ll tell you about it! Kit de Flores en tu ensalada Kit de Flores en tu ensalada Texto de Paulo Coelho Mini huerto en casa