Eat pretty to be more beautiful

Eat Pretty

This time around I’m a bit concerned about healthy habits, it must be midlife crisis! Throughout my life I’ve tried different diets and I haven’t found a 100% effective recipe, so when I recently heard about the book “Eat Pretty” by Jolene Hart (for the moment I think it’s only available in english) I decided to give it a try.

My grandfather used to say that “food is the best medicine!” and he was right. Something like that is what this book talks about, we are what we eat and it’s reflected in our physical appearance.

The cosmetic industry and miracle diets are nothing but masks to hide the true appearance. When you don’t feel good you have to look for the underlying problem and see the big picture. Jolene happened that despite being a beauty editor for several publications and having at her disposal all kinds of cosmetic and beauty treatments, she suffered from skin issues, dark circles, lack of energy … and she didn’t feel pretty, she wasn’t able to glow.

So she realized that the important thing is to conquer a healthy lifestyle in order to feel and be beautiful inside, which eventually also will be reflected in our outward appearance.

Fruit salad

I must confess that the book captivated me from its gorgeous cover, but I also liked how Jolene explains all concepts and gives practical advice to introduce healthy foods into our daily lives. It includes simple recipes available to everyone, no need to spend thousands of dollars to be beautiful, the kind of beauty that Jolene speaks about in her book is available to any woman.

She explains the beauty benefits of every food and categorizes them by the season in which they should be consumed. It also warns about other foods she calls “beauty betrayers” and explains how they affect us negatively.

Although I have yet to implement many of her tips overall I really like the book, a must read for all women who want to start glowing from the inside out.

Cherries and Eat Pretty book

Jolene Hart is beauty and health coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Her work has been published in magazines such as InStyle, People, Allure and Organic Spa among others. In 2010 she founded Beauty Is Wellness, a pioneering coaching practice designed to give women of all ages the tools to create a unique healthy lifestyle.