How to clean your cork bags so they are like new

como limpiar bolsos de corcho

Perhaps you’ve wondering more than once how to clean cork bags. Ironically, many people believe that they can not be cleaned and that cork bags are very delicate and fragile.

Nothing is further from reality!

It’s true that cork can get dirty by its clear tonality, especially if we use it daily. But this does not mean that we have to forget our purse forever because it has darkened or it’s stained.

Cleaning cork accessories is very easy and following a few simple steps they will be as good as new.



If only part of the bag has been soiled or has a stain somewhere, it may only be necessary to wet that part a little.

You can use a damp cotton cloth or a towel and rub the stain gently until it has disappeared.



If this is not enough, we show you below what you can do to clean your bag completely.



Keep in mind the following things:

  • Cork is a completely waterproof material, you can wet it without fear.
  • You can immerse it in warm water (not boiling) and rub gently with soap making circular movements.
  • Do not use any other product that could damage your bag.
  • Once clean, rinse the soap with plenty of water.
  • Let it dry naturally and in a horizontal position so that it keeps its shape.

Although it’s possible to do so, we do not recommend washing your cork bag in the washing machine. To clean cork bags regularly is the best way to improve its durability. Have you already tried to clean yours? How did it go? Please, tell us!

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If you want to read more tips on how to properly care for your cork accessories and keep them in perfect condition as long as possible, we recommend you downloading our Care Guide.


Care guide cork accessories

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