How to be part of the Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution

The Fashion Revolution movement came sadly after the collapse of Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh where several textile factories were located and where 1133 people died.

This week is celebrated the Fashion Revolution Day to remember and educate the world about this tragedy.

Fashion industry generates 3 trillion dollars a year and is one of the most toxic industries alongside big oil companies. Fashion Revolution is necessary because not only natural resources are being rapidly destroyed, but is also bringing on a mode of production that in most cases violates human and labor rights of workers.

Fashion Revolution I made you clothes

Today we also celebrate Earth Day and both dates are closely related. Some facts that confirm this are:

  • The manufacturing of polyester and other synthetic fabrics requires energy intensive processing, which uses large amounts of crude oil and releases harmful, volatile emissions.
  • Cotton crops use a quarter of US pesticides and nearly 3 percent of the world’s annual water supply.

According to the 2015 documentary, “True Cost” directed by Andrew Morgan:

  • 80 billion pieces of clothing are purchased worldwide yearly, a 400 percent increase from 20 years ago.
  • Americans throw away more than 82 pounds of clothing and shoes, per person, per year.
  • In 1960, 95 percent of clothing was made in the United States. Now only 5 percent of clothing is made in the States.

What can we do?

There are several way to be part of this Fashion Revolution:

  • Stop creating the demand for fast fashion.
  • Spend wisely by investing in eco conscious companies that use sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, hemp or bamboo, recycled materials, and treat workers fairly.
  • Buy high quality items that will last a decade, if not a lifetime.
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Months ago a documentary in Spain called “Fashion Victims” was aired. They interviewed Maria Almazan from Latitude company Latitude who explained her experiences in the world of fashion. I met Maria last year during the Sustainable Fashion Days at the Museo de Traje in Madrid and she explained all her experiences to us.

You can watch more of the documentary here (in spanish).

Where can we find sustainable fashion?

After the documentary was aired many people wondered on social networks what are the alternatives and where we can find sustainable fashion.

I personally recommend you to check out the AMSE Directory. There you can find my brand and also many others that produce respecting human rights and the environment.

Internationally you can also find many brands on the Sustainable Fashion Directory.

Most of these brands sell online so there is no excuse not to invest in alternative and ecological brands that take care of us and Mother Earth.

Surely things are not going to change overnight, but doing our part as consumers and producers we can change the fashion industry in the near future.


Fashion Revolution Who made my clothes

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