Behind the scenes of a sustainable fashion runaway

Desfile moda sostenible

At the beginning of September we had the honor and pride to participate in the sustainable fashion show at Madrid Fashion Week, together with the Spanish Sustainable Fashion Association (AMSE).

On September 7, 8 and 9, 2018, the International MOMAD Metrópolis Fair was held in Madrid.

Do you know what is the most amazing thing about this fair? Something that a few years ago, when I visited it for the first time, you couldn’t even see a trace of it through its corridors.

The grow of eco-fashion brands.

Sustainable fashion is a trend, and a proof of it is that with each edition of this fair the Sustainable Experience (the sustainable fashion zone) grows with more and more Spanish brands that produce in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Backstage at sustainable fashion runaway

In this space there are talks, workshops, round tables and various activities related to green fashion. Of course there are also booths of brands and associations related to sustainable fashion.

For me the most special thing about this fair is the opportunity given to brands to put their designs up in the runaway. Expressing their values and being able to show all their creativity live.

Xianna cork backpack at sustainable fashion runaway

Xianna shopper cork bag at sustainable fashion runaway

From our brand, the items that were used in the sustainable fashion show were pieces from our permanent collection. Basic accessories that match any look and never go out of style.

Like the natural cork backpack, which was combined perfectly with clothes from Arroparte and Green Forest.

And the basic brown cork shopper bag that looked great with Wear Your Waste bikini, also combined with Monai and Sibajitis. accessories.

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Final sustainable fashion runaway

We have to thank the MOMAD organization. For the effort and support to small brands like ours, to make this space possible edition after edition.

And special thanks to AMSE and all the fellow designers participating, especially Singular Sisters and Luna Marban who made it possible for Xianna to be present at the fair.

Here you have the official video of the parade. You can see more photos and videos of what Momad’s experience was like on our Instagram account.

Photos by Momad Metrópolis, Cristina Calatrava, Sergio Cifuentes, Yoly Bermúdez, Luna Marbán and Bolsos Monai.

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