DIY: make a tote bag with an old t-shirt

crear con telas

A couple of years ago at the Etsy Craft Party Madrid we did a workshop to teach how to make a tote bag t-shirt.

It’s very simple and you don’t need to know how to sew to make it. Basically you need a t-shirt, scissors and a safety pin.

You can do many things with t-shirts and this time the result is a tote bag that you can use to go shopping, to go to the beach, to save your crafts or whatever you want.

The important thing is to reuse and give a new life to things before thinking about throwing them away and generate more waste.

Tote bag t-shirt step by step

  • First, cut the sleeves of the t-shirt and the neck the way you want.
  • After that, cut three strips from one of the sleeves and stretch them slightly.
  • Make six cuts at the bottom of the t-shirt taking advantage of the hem which usually t-shirts have without cutting the stitching.
  • Then we will pass the strips we cut earlier by the cuts we’ve just done with the help of a safety pin.
  • Once we have already passed the three strips of fabric by the bottom of the t-shirt, we close the openings with double knots to secure them well.

Now you have kind of a hippy bag with tassels hanging. The strips of fabric can be of a different color or other type of fabric so you’ll get a nice contrast.

If you don’t like the fringes you can make the knots on the inside of the bag so they’ll be hidden. If the knots are well made it can bear weight without problem.

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This is a possibility of the hundreds you have to reuse a t-shirt, but there are many more. You just have to look for ideas and use your imagination. I really encourage you to make one, it’s super easy!

Cut T-shirt / Camiseta cortada

Cut sleeve / Manga cortada

Cut bottom T-Shirt / Parte inferior camiseta cortada

Sleeve trim / Corte mange

Safety pin / Imperdible

Bottom T-Shirt / Camiseta con cintas en la parte inferior

Knots T-shirt / Camiseta nudos

tote bag t-shirt

tote bag t-shirt


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