7 tips to reduce plastic waste

tips to reduce plastic waste

Reducing plastic waste in our daily life should be one of our priorities, if we want our decisions to be more responsible and sustainable. Luckily there are many small gestures we can make in our day to day to generate the least amount of plastic waste possible.

Nowadays it seems impossible to live without plastic, but nothing is further from reality. Plastic is, without any doubt, one of the greatest enemies of the environment.

Although there are many more changes we can make to protect the environment, today we bring you seven basic tips to greatly reduce your plastic waste:

1. Use cloth bags

Every time we go to a supermarket and ask for plastic bags we are making an unnecessary expense. This expense is also very harmful to the environment. You can solve it by taking with you some cloth bags that you can wash and reuse.

2. Buy in bulk

Another thing that makes us consume huge amounts of plastic are packaged products. That is why it is better to buy products that come in bulk. Every day there are more shops that allow buying this way and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

3. Buy packaging other than plastic

Continuing with packaged products, it is very important to give preference to glass or cardboard packaging. The first can be reused for a lot of things (keep food remains, plant flowers, use them for decoration …). And the cardboards and papers are very easy to recycle. Much more than plastic.

4. Don’t use plastic tupperwares

If you regularly eat out of home or freeze food regularly, you would probably have a lot of tuppers at home. If your tuppers are made of plastic you are not only making an unnecessary use of this material, but you are also contaminating your food. Change them for glass or stainless steel containers.

5. Eliminate plastic bottles from your life

Reusable water bottles or filtering jugs to consume tap water are great alternatives to stop consuming plastic bottles. Plastic bottle are one of the most waste found in garbage dumps and that are more difficult to recycle. If you get a bottle to fill with water, it must be made of glass or stainless steel, since other materials are not safe for our health.

6. Avoid disposable products as much as possible

Drinking straws, shaving blades, tampons, etc. For all these things there are sustainable and reusable alternatives that help you take care of the environment and also save money.

7. Use cloth diapers

Those who have children at home may consider eliminating plastic diapers from their daily use and opting for reusable alternatives such as cloth diapers. It’s a lost habit that we can use again and will do good of the planet.


All these tips are related to the Zero Waste lifestyle that we already talked about on the blog.

It seems difficult, but following these guidelines you will reduce the plastic waste that you generate in your daily life. Minimizing your impact on the environment and helping to make a better world.


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