Escape to Dublin: Trip to Wicklow and Glendalough


When we planned the trip to Dublin we booked a tour with the group Irlanda en español” (Ireland in spanish) since it was recommended in the forum “Irlanda en Español” is a spanish group that organizes daily tours from Dublin to wonderful places all around Ireland. From 35 Euros per person they take you on a bus through the various sites explaining everything in spanish, it’s all very enjoyable.


As we’ve never been in Ireland before and we did not want to go too far from Dublin we chosed the trip to “Wicklow and Glendalough”, the photos on the website looked very nice and it was relatively close to Dublin.


We started the tour through County Wicklow by visiting the Glendalough Valley where there’s a Celtic monastery of VI century, the monastery of St. Kevin, and its graveyard full of crosses and headstones. After seeing the monastery we walked through a route to the Glendalough lakes that were formed in the Ice Age. All the natural environment was like being in a tale and the air was so pure that it is said it’s the secret of its citizens longevity.


After that we all went back to the bus to go to the Powerscourt mansion which is located where previously there was a castle of XIII century. There we toured the gardens which include a Japanese garden, an Italian garden, a pond and a pet cemetery several fountains and statues. Although we did not visit the interior of the mansion it is open to the public as a hotel and includes a golf course, shops and restaurants. There we visited a store called Avoca, which was recomended to us by the tour guide and which I fell in love with completely, I will talk about it next time. Within the area of the mansion there is also the Powerscourt Waterfall, the largest in Ireland, but we couldn’t get close to it and we resigned to contemplate it from the bus.


Finally, they took us to have lunch at a typical Irish pub called Johnny Fox.

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