Why you should switch to natural cosmetics

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Have you ever heard about natural cosmetics? If you are one of those who, like me, is starting to create their own products at home this will be interesting for you. With this post we want to give you some compelling reasons why you should try natural cosmetics.

The basics of natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are increasingly booming, due in part to various studies that show the dangers to health and to the planet of “traditional cosmetics.”

Most cosmetics today have parabens, chemicals, petroleum derivatives and many are tested on animals. In addition, due to the number of cases of rashes, itching and other allergies that cause many of us to look for more natural alternatives.

If you are also in this dilemma we will give you some reasons why you should try it:

  1. Respects both your skin and nature, since it does not contain toxic or chemical harmful to your health.
  2. Only vegetable ingredients with active ingredients are used, which allow a better absorption and are more beneficial.
  3. It’s suitable for everybody. Both adults, children and the elderly can use these products, even if they have skin problems.
  4. It’s respectful with the environment, both in its composition and in the packagings that are used.
  5. Are vegan products. Neither the products nor their components are tested on animals, so supporting this type of cosmetics will also help the elimination of animal exploitation.

natural cosmetics

Do it Yourself

Many foods that in addition to improving our health can also help us to see ourselves better, as Jolene Heart explains in her book Eat Pretty.

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But we can also make different formulas at home to create our own beauty and hygiene products.

With accessible and natural ingredients such as coconut oil, bicarbonate, lemon or essential oils we can create our own deodorants, creams, tonics, toothpaste … there are endless possibilities!

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