DIY Valentine´s Gift Box

Valentine´s Gift Box
Valentine’s Gift Box

Valentine’s Day is coming my friends! Though my opinion is that love must be demonstrated throughout the year, sweet things never made anyone bitter and I can’t deny that I love making and receiving gifts.

Valentine´s Gift Box

I’ll show you how to make a box with foam which can be used for any other occasion, in this case I’ve made it ​​especially for Valentine’s Day. Basically you have to follow this pattern.

Valentine´s Gift Box

Supplies Needed:

– A foam pad
– Ribbon
– Rule
– Cutter
– Scissors
– Cutting Mat
– Pencil
– Eraser

Valentine´s Gift Box

I’ve drawn the pattern  by eye but you can print it, cut it out and draw it on the foam pad. Then cut the foam carefully with the cutter and scissors.

Valentine´s Gift Box

Finally erase the lines that you made with the pencil and just bend the blades of the box and put on the ribbon that you like.

Valentine´s Gift Box

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