The Tote Bag Book Review

The Tote Bag book by Jitesh Patel

Some time ago I was curious about this Tote Bag book and I finally got ​​it. This is a collection of tote bags designs of all kinds you can imagine.

The Tote Bag book - Sirena con Jersey

Each page features a different artist and their way of designing tote bags. Among them some spanish artists: Alicia Rossello and Elisa Riera from Sirena con Jersey and Pepa Prieto.

The Tote Bag book - Pepa Prieto

Bags are no longer bags and become canvases where to capture ideas and feelings, ways of thinking and living.

The Tote Bag book - Hannah Chipkin

The book also praises the tote bags as an ecological product of this century, destined to replace disposable plastic bags.

The Tote Bag book - Pattern People

It’s so inspiring, recommended to everybody who like pop art and collecting tote bags, as I do. With the book comes a free tote bag that is sure to delight you.

The Tote Bag book

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