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Today almost everyone is celebrating Christmas so I take the opportunity to review the year. This year has been pretty hard for me in many ways and I have learned valuable lessons that have made me more mature. But you can learn from everything and I am grateful that I lived all that. I’ve learned that you have to let the water run for new water to enter in your life, stick with the good and refuse the evil that leads us nowhere.

I’ve done things I never thought I would, like to dancing and singing in public on stage, cross the Atlantic, planting a tree, sell my own designs to people around the world, making amigurumi, programming mobile applications, participating in a yarn bombing, and I’ve even learned how to cook sushi! For all this I am very grateful. But mostly I am grateful to have met wonderful people with whom I share interests and ideals, great people who encouraged me daily to keep doing new things and fight for my dreams Thank you all!

All these thoughts (I’m philosophical today: p) remind me of the Holstee manifesto and that’s how I want to feel from now. Happy Holidays!

Holstee manifesto

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