What is success and what importance does it have in your life?

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Success is being in love with your life. That’s what Charo Vargas (aka Charuca, famous for her paper therapy tips) says, and I can’t agree more.

She says: “Change what you don’t like and if you can’t change it, change your interior and your attitude towards life“.

Do you find it difficult? Sure, but it is totally possible. Anyone can do it.

Living fast is not living, it’s survival

I changed my own life when Pablo and I left Madrid a year ago and moved to Galicia (in the north of Spain). My life has changed a lot this last year.

Some say that living fast is not living, it is survival. And I felt that I was drowning in the life I was living.

Even if you always have a piece of your heart in every place where you have lived, you have to go ahead and start on a new path. It really was something instinctive rather than rational. So we started a new stage, a new adventure away from noise, traffic, stress and impossible schedules.

Make your life a dream and your dream a reality

Being an entrepreneur today is a big risk (specially in Spain). There will be some who think that it was a wrong decision, but success is relative and I am happy with my new life, I couldn’t go back to the previous one.

The beginnings are always hard and this last year has been about adaptation and learning, but I really feel rich. I work on something that I love and I live life with more calm.

It’s about enjoying the way, the little things. For example, I feel lucky to have a little time in the morning to look out through the window and spend time with my cat Lume before going to work. How much value does that have? So much for me.

I don’t think I’m an example of anything, but a few months ago I was talking about this topic with my friend Valentina Musumeci on her blog. You can watch and hear all our conversation here (in spanish).

Everything is relative

Recently the death of someone I knew made me remember why I made that change in my life. The death of someone young is always shoking and this person was really an example of overcoming life and adversity.

That is why it’s good to remember that everything is relative in life. That we shouldn’t take things too seriously, we must live in the present and enjoy what life offers to us, with an entrepreneurial attitude.

As a little drawing of the great Vireta that I have in my studio says: “Smile while you have teeth“.

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