Stitch my heart

Stitch my heart tote bag

Lately I feel romantic so I continue with the Valentine’s Day theme. As I declare myself addicted to tote bags, a couple of days ago I put on sale this screen printed bag with water-based ink.

Stitch my heart tote bag

I hope you like it as much as I do. Also during January you can find it on sale on Etsy and DaWanda.

Stitch my heart tote bag

The drawing is a crafty little heart, cross stitch style, and I’ve named it “Stitch my heart“. Which means that even though by any reason your heart is broken you can always sew it, fix it …There is always hope for love!

Great Expectations

This reminds me of a well-known scene from the film Great Expectations. When Ethan Hawke tells Miss Dinsmoor “Give me your hand. You know what this is? It’s my heart… and it’s broken. Can you feel that?“. I love that scene!

By the way, that is an awesome movie, the kind to cry bitterly (at least for me that I am such a crybaby) and the soundtrack is wonderful.


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