Escape to Dublin: Queen of Tarts

Carrot Cake

It’s been a while since I don’t write in the blog but it’s time to return to the good manners! This summer I spent some of my holidays in Ireland.

Today I’m going to talk about a cool place called “Queen of Tarts” that was recomended to me by one of the tour guides from “Irlanda en español” (Ireland in spanish) who took us on a trip to the Wicklow mountains (I will talk about this next time ; )

Queen of tarts

“Queen of Tarts” is a tiny and cozy place in the center of Dublin (Dame Street) and the owners are proud to say they serve the best carrot cake in town. We made sure of that and it was quite good. They serve many more homemade cakes and sweets, as well as brunch and salty cakes.

Queen of tarts

The decoration of the place and its little size makes it very confortable. They have a bigger place near (Cows Lane) but if there’s a free table I prefer the one on Dame Street to have a tea looking at street. It’s worth a visit if you go to Dublin!


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