Parque del Capricho in Madrid a fascinating place

Entrance to parque del capricho, Madrid

Parque del capricho in Madrid is a beautiful place that seems taken from a fairy tale. Outside the city center, has a palace surrounded by a beautiful garden full of symbolism and majesty.

Despite that I’m living in Madrid from several years, I’ve only visited the park a few times in the recent months and I’m in love with it! I am looking forward to visit it in spring because it must be even more beautiful!

Labyrinth in parque del capricho, Madrid

Originally it was one of the houses that belonged to the Dukes of Osuna in the late eighteenth century. Now it’s owned by the city of Madrid.

The construction, which lasted 52 years, was commissioned by the Duchess of Osuna to several french and italian architects and was conceived as a theme park for the amusement of children and adults.

The Palace in parque del capricho, Madrid

The Palace in parque del capricho, Madrid

It was besieged during the invasion of french troops in Madrid. And during the Spanish Civil War were built two bunkers where republican troops took shelter.

Baco temple in parque del capricho, Madrid

View to Baco temple in parque del capricho, Madrid

After all the looting, still retains several iconic landmarks such as the exedra, the palace, the house of the old woman, the hermitage, the dance hall, the lake, the house of reeds, the labyrinth… all surrounded by beautiful canals and vegetation.

House of the old woman in parque del capricho, Madrid

The Dukes of Osuna were masons and wanted to recreate on their property a place full of symbolism, there was a spiritual movement in Europe that incorporated elements of alchemy and magic to the villas and gardens that were built at that time.

Parque del capricho, Madrid

If you look for information about this place you’ll realize that the legends and stories that were lived there are fascinating. I recommend to you this blog (in spanish) dedicated exclusively to Parque del Capricho.

Animals in parque del capricho, Madrid

One of the legends that people tell about this place is that two ghosts roam the park. One of them is the last Duke of Osuna, Mariano Tellez Girón, and the other is the hermit who worked for the Dukes and lived in the building of the hermitage.

Casa de las cañas in parque del capricho, Madrid

Monument to the Duke of Osuna in parque del capricho, Madrid

As a curiosity, the park has become one of the favorite places in Madrid for wedding photo shoots. Also from June to September there are usually theater and live music performances.

Fort in parque del capricho, Madrid

Flowers and fruits in parque del capricho, Madrid

Park admission is free and it is open only on weekends and holidays from 9 to 18:30 in autumn / winter and from 9 to 21 in spring / summer.

Dance hall and stone bridge in parque del capricho, Madrid

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