Opening a store in New York?

Top of the rock NYC

Hello! I’m back to the routine after a long break. This summer I had time to do many things and visit many places, I’m a lucky girl.

Magnolia Bakery, Rockefeller Center Plaza and Anthropology

Among other things I could go back to my beloved New York. I already bothered you enough last year with stories of my trip so this year I will be brief: p

Litttle Italy, Converse flagship store in Soho and Central Park

On our first day in New York something very funny happened. We were in a cafe when suddenly I hear someone telling me “Oh! I love your bag!”. There were three women at the table next door who freaked out when I told them that the bag was made by me and asked if I had a store in New York! So I was like, “You’re kidding me! Where’s the camera?”. I told them I had just an online store so far and gave them my business card. This would have never happened to me in Spain!

Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn and Dumbo

Another day we visited the Etsy headquarters in DUMBO area in Brooklyn, but I will tell you about this with more detail in another post.

Columbus Circle, Chelsea Hotel and Manhattan from Staten Island ferry

I revisited many places that had visited last year as the Chelsea Market and the beautiful Fishs Eddy store on Broadway.

Fishs Eddy on Broadway NY

I also took the opportunity to do things that I’ve not done before as visiting the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rocks in the Rockefeller Center. On top of Empire State I found a nice surprise: a fabric heart with a note that said “Keep me or share me with someone who needs a little love”. I thought it was lovely and I was very happy to have found it, but I decided to leave it there for someone else to find it.

Share the love in the Empire State building

Back in Spain I discovered that the heart was made by an american boy named Chris Meadows, you can see more of his hearts in the hashtag # sharethelove14. I also got in contact with the girl who took the heart home who is from Switzerland and adores horses. Thanks to a small gesture you get in contact with people all over the world and that’s very nice ;)

Central Park

Another place that I never get tired of visiting is Central Park. To explore it is wonderful, and sit on a bench and watch people going by or take a nap lying on the grass is a luxury. I could spend the entire day there!

Little Italy

Finally, I recommend you a shop that I loved. The Urban Outfitters on Sixth Avenue. I already knew Urban Outfitters but this particular store is super big and I’ve not visited it before. Although it’s a clothing store they have an area for reading, a cafe, a hairdresser, a photo booth … And even a machine to print your Instagram photos!! As always New York is amazing :)

Urban Outfitters Sixth Avenue

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