No vacation this summer

estatua de la libertad desde brooklyn ny

Getting back to work has been very hard! I’ve been postponing writting this entry for about a month. This summer we didn’t expect it to be as busy as it has been at the end. Although we’ve planned a week at the beach finally we spent our “no vacation” in New York.

I love going to New York (you can find other posts about it on the blog), so when we were invited to go there for a few days in August to participate in the Etsy Open Call event in Brooklyn I couldn’t say no.

A few weeks before we went to Tarifa (in the south of Spain) to rest a little bit. We had our first Airbnb experience (and we hope to repeat!) and had awful Levante windy days but thanks to that we had the beach almost for ourselves.

If you don’t know Tarifa I’ll tell you that it is a natural paradise, the capital of Kitesurf and worth a visit almost any time of the year. Some of my family live very close, so I always take the opportunity to visit them.

Refugees welcome at Tarifa beach

Cool place to have a coffee in Tarifa

Tarifa beach Los Lances

Misiana Tarifa

Sunset at the beach in Tarifa Los Lances

Beautiful houses in Tarifa

Back in Madrid we had a little time to get ready for the event and skedaddle to the airport. This year was the second year that Etsy Open Call event was held and some selected stores from Etsy Wholesale get the opportunity to pitch their products to major US retailers. Shops that win the prize will be able to sell their products at the selected relailers shops for the Christmas shopping season. This was an opportunity we couldn’t miss.

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We were also going to show our first homewares collection for the first time so all these things together made the trip a very special one.

While in New York we enjoyed our free days exploring the Brooklyn area that we couldn’t visit properly on previous trips.

Upon arrival we took a walk to the piers to watch the sunset and the skyline of Manhattan which is spectacular.

The days before the event we visited the retailers with whom we were meeting days later at Etsy, and also visited some museums and took long walks.

We were also invited to visit the trade show NY Now that was held those days in Manhattan. It was a unique opportunity to see firsthand how such fairs operate in the United States. The building where it was held is huge and although there were many sections that interested me, I felt a little dizzy.

Summer temperatures in NY are very high and also the humidity, I caught a big cold! I recommend you to take to NY a small kit with medications because the medicines that you can buy in their pharmacies are useless (for “real” medicines prescription is needed). The worse my cold was that more nervous I became facing the Etsy event. I’ll tell you more on another post …

Street Art in Brooklyn

Pier 5 Brooklyn

Central Park Bridge NY

Empire State and Madison Square Garden NY

Etsy corner at Macys

Etsy corner at Whole Foods

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