No black friday, no green friday

ni green friday ni black friday
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This year it’s over. We won’t do black friday nor green friday either. We are not going to follow the trend of this consumerist madness.

In the past we had mixed feelings in these days of shopping without control, while we let ourselves go.

So this year we prefer to use it to raise awareness of how much it costs to the planet a day of compulsive purchases like Black Friday or Green Friday (I don’t mind about the name).

Black Friday has its origin in the industrial revolution. The current economy is an economy based on criteria established in the twentieth century.

Unfortunately, these criteria do not take into account data such as the welfare of people, their health, if it’s invested in education or in protecting fields improving agriculture so that it becomes ecological.

Or if, on the contrary, this GDP is being sold by selling weapons or filling the fields with pesticides that kill our bees that are so necessary for our survival.

We, small businesses, are out of that wheel. We are the resistance and we are creating another kind of revolution.

That’s why we prefer to join initiatives like “The Day Without Shopping” by Ecologists in Action or the campaign “I Buy, I decide” from Slow Fashion Next.

I invite you to look for these alternatives and use tomorrow as a day to reflect and give visibility to this matter.

For my part, I will be live tomorrow on Xianna’s Instagram account to talk about this topic. It will be at 1 noon (spanish peninsular time).

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Surely it will remain recorded for a few hours, but it would be great if you could join and chat for a while together.

I’ll wait for you tomorrow!

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