My Misio Reloaded and other wonders by Wasel Wasel

Bruno bear

Gemma Adeva is a girl from Alicante passionate about handmade who likes to photograph the world, enjoys receiving postcards and letters and taking long bike rides … And with her blog and good work with needles has created Wasel Wasel, a place where every day she show us wonderful things made ​​with love.

Gemma Adeva de Wasel Wasel

Photo by Gemma Adeva

Amigurumi online course

One of the purposes that I made to myself this year was to learn to make amigurumi. I had no idea of crochet but I signed up for one of Gemma’s courses and now, though slowly I can make any amigurumi! I really recommend to everyone Gemma’s courses because are very educational and she explains everything really well, she is a professional educator!

Through her website I took the amigurumi online course and the final project was a very nice bear named Bruno. So going from zero to Bruno is not bad to begin with! Rocío, who is another pupil of the course, made a super cool video for Bruno that you can watch on her blog.

My misio reloaded, amigurumi simpática que hicimos con ayuda de Wasel Wasel

My Misio Reloaded

Since I had already started on the amigurumi world I was not afraid to join this summer the challenge of My Misio Reloaded proposed by Gemma on her blog. The intention of the project was to recreate a cat called Misio made by Madoka Muno, a Japanese woman who lives in Australia, who created it as her final project and that was selling it for a few years. Her idea was to recreate the life of Misio in photographs and document how we can create different stories with the same object depending on the place where we came from, our personal history, our habits …

So for a few weeks dozens of weavers gave Misio back to life thanks to Gemma, to Esther from L’Atelier de l’Obi and to Elisa from Srta. Pomelo who redesigned Misio’s pattern. It was very exciting!

Amineko, el próximo CAL de Wasel Wasel

CAL Amineko

Now Wasel Wasel is working on another project that is nothing but a CAL (Crochet Along) to weave together a new friend for Misio. It is Amineko, another japanese cat designed by Nekoyama.

The CAL will start next Monday the 28th, so if you want to join us to knit this CAL sign up on her website to follow all the steps and to create your Amineko, you won’t regret for sure!