Merry Click with Jackie Rueda

The Christmas spirit is starting to invade us and personally I am thrilled because I really enjoy the Holiday preparations.

Merry Click by Jackie Rueda

Photo by Jackie Rueda

Another person who is a fan of Christmas is Jackie Rueda and has therefore launched her mini course Merry Click to learn to capture the unforgettable moments of the holidays and that will start next November 25.

Superstar by Jackie Rueda

Photo by Jackie Rueda

Jackie is a venezuelan based in Toronto passionate about photography, anyone who has seen her photos have fallen madly in love with their cozy light, they’re magic!

I have long ago wanted to talk about Jackie and the master classes that she taught along with other invited professors. Places on her more prized courses run out quickly so you have to be very watchful to get into.

Vuelta al mundo by Jackie Rueda

Photo by Jackie Rueda

I have been fortunate to make two of her courses so far, Superstar and Autoretratos (with Julia Dávila-Lampe). Although at the time I couldn’t dedicate much time to them I am determined to put into practice all the teachings and practice them of as much as possible.

Exercise from Superstar by Jackie Rueda

Superstar is aimed at crafters and food bloggers who want to show their work more professionally. You have access to lots of resources and Jackie is a very sweet woman who explains all the concepts in a logical and simple manner, so that everyone can come to understand the ins and outs of their camera to get the best of it.

An extra point is the community created within each course where you can share your pictures and comments with other students.

Exercise from Superstar by Jackie Rueda

The next course I’ll do at Jackie’s school will be Memorable, a mini lesson on marketing with imagination that will be taught by Cristina Camarena, director of As other students say: I am  Jackie adict! :P

Memorable by Jackie Rueda and Cristina Camarena

Photo by Jackie Rueda

The upcoming calls for her more prized courses, L’Atelier and Superstar, will be on 10th and 11st January respectively. Registration will open next week, so if you are interested in them run for your place!

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