Liebster Award

liebster award

This week I’ve received a good big surprise, Laura from A Happy Day’s Collage awarded this blog with the Liebster Award! It is an initiative created by bloggers to promote other blogs that are starting by giving a symbolic prize. I thank Laura for including me in their selection of award-winning blogs, it’s very special for me! It’s great being supported in this world of the blogosphere.

To receive the prize you have to follow these rules:

– The blog nominee must share 11 things about itself.
– Answer 11 questions made to you by the person who nominated your blog.
– Continue the chain nominating 11 blogs which you think deserve the award.
– Write 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
– Follow the people who you gave the award to and who nominated you.
– The circle must grow so do not send the nomination back to who nominated you.
– Comment on blogs that you’ve nominated and let them know of their nomination.

11 things about me:

1. – I was born in Seville, although being very little I moved to Algeciras and then to Murcia.
2. – I’m living in Madrid for five years with my boyfriend.
3. – I am the oldest of four children and when we were little they called me Miss Rottenmeyer because I was very bossy.
4. – As a teenager I played in a basketball team where I met some of my best friends.
5. – I made theater in high school with some of these friends and with other wonderful people, I miss those years!
6. – I’m a fan of Michael Jackson until death.
7. – I studied Computer Engineering and I have spent considerable time developing software.
8. – I don’t like being tickled.
9. – I hate falsehood and lies.
10. – I love the sweet, I’m very greedy.
11. – My favorite color is blue.

los buenos aires de madrid

Laura’s questions:

1. – City where you dream of traveling. Los Angeles.
2. – Your best virtue. I think that is honesty.
3. – What would you not change in the world? Music, I couldn’t live without it.
4. – Why did you start your blog? To express my creative side.
5. – How is a perfect day for you? A family day, relaxing, no problems or concerns.
6. – Your favorite month and why. September, because it seems that is when it all begins again, autumn comes it’s my favorite season and it’s my birthday.
7. – Tell me a purpose for this year. I have many, one of them is learning to make sushi for once ;)
8. – 3 things you give thanks to life. For my family, my boyfriend and for life itself.
9. – Your favorite sweet. Chocolate.
10. – Do you believe that art helps us grow and know each other better? Of course.
11. – What do you dream to achieve in life? I don’t have a dream defined, but at least I hope to live life as fully as possible.

My questions:

1. – What is your passion?
2. – What do you expect from 2013?
3. – What makes you happy?
4. – What do you value most in a person?
5. – What brings to you writting a blog?
6. – A nice memory from your childhood.
7. – Your favorite place or city.
8. – You can not resist …
9. – Sweet or salty?
10. – Do you have any obsession?
11. – The most important thing you’ve learned in life.

My awarded blogs:

– La Imagen Textil (

– Fieltropiezos (

– Gugaraguapak (

– Miss Amigurumis (

– Escaparate y Chocolate (

– El Calaix de la Cunilleta (

– Lleteta (

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– El Sillón Verde (

– Los Buenos Aires de Madrid (

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