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Fabric scraps

On the last few days I’ve been a little busy, but I’m still uploading my pics on Instagram daily, you can follow me on xiannashop account. Here some photos of recent weeks.

1. A lovely floor in a nice place in Madrid, La Ciudad Invisible

2. Charly, my dog ​​brother, I swear he knows exactly when I’m gathering my things to return to Madrid! He’s very clever!

3. View of the railway in Chamartin station

4. Packets coming out to distant places

5. My first printed fabrics for the new collection :)

6. A special order with one of the new fabrics (my favorite)

7. Looking materials in the workshop taught by Pepa Mendez in El Estudio de La Casita de Wendy

8. Trying out Coca infusion that Pablo brought to me from Cuzco, is great for altitude sickness

9. Cutting more and more fabrics

10. Pretty scraps that’s a pity to throw them away

Lovely floors in La Ciudad Invisible

Charly my dog brother

Chamartin station

Xianna Package

New printed fabrics by Xianna

Custom order with new fabric

El Estudio at La Casita de Wendy

Coca infusion by Andes Spirit
Cutting fabrics

Lovely fabric scraps

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