Knitting Malasaña 2014

Tejiendo Malasaña 2014

This year Malasaña neighborhood in Madrid will be filled again with wool for the festivities of May 2. So they have started organizing a series of free workshops for all of us to make our contribution and learn to knit beautiful grannies as the ones that adorned the Plaza del Dos de Mayo last year.

Each workshop will have limited places and a different way of weaving will be taught, you can check them out in Tejiendo Malasaña blog or in their facebook page.

This year in addition to squares of 20 x 20 centimeter you can make triangles (20 cm base), circles, hearts and flowers. The pieces can be delivered in the following points:

– La Oveja Escocesa
– La guerra de los botones
– Peseta
– Black Oveja
– Estaribel
– Contigo alla fine del Mondo

Like last year, when the Malsaña festivities are over, all knitted pieces will be donated to the project Tejido Social Sierra de Madrid, aiming to make blankets for homeless people.

Tejiendo Malasaña 2014

Also on March 8, on the International Women’s Day and due to the fact that knitting is not only associated with women, they’re going to do a hangout focused on men for them also to participate. “We will teach those who do not know and we will weave all together” comment from Tejiendo Malasaña.

We had a lot of fun last year!


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