Hipster feminism or the new housewives

Hipster feminism or the new housewives - housework rules!

A couple of days ago a small discussion arose on Facebook regarding the event Entretejiendo being organized in the coming weeks in Madrid. It is a meeting of female knitters to show to the world the invisible work made by women, and they will meet there to knit and give talks on feminism and women’s rights.

Hipster feminism or the new housewives - Entretejiendo Madrid

In this event organization collaborates Ale from Bichus, who is a lovely girl devoted to weave and train weavers, crochet and amigurumi lovers.

There are those who may think it’s incongruous but basically it is a vindictive event. A guy from Club del Handmade Madrid, Miguel Angel, said on Facebook that “is like organizing a convention of diabetics to eat cakes, or a meeting of caged birds to discuss liberty.”

Maybe the original discussion was related to other things, but the talk about this subject made me think about the new situation being experienced by society with the rise of the housework. Many think it’s a step back or an incoherence, but this movement (in which I include myself) is not about to live as our grandmothers did, but it’s rather about the satisfaction of recovering something that’s missing. It is a matter of survival, of independence in the sense of self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Hipster feminism or the new housewives - Homeward Bound

There have been many discussions on this topic in recent times. In the United States, which is always years ahead from us, several books have been published  about it. Among them “Homeward Bound: Why Women Are Embracing the New Domesticity” in which the author Emily Matchar says things like people (regardless of gender or age) who are knitting, keeping chickens in their backyards, diapering their babies in cloth not because they have to but because they want to.

I see it as a kind of rebellion against today’s consumer society, or simply a desire to have more control over our lives and what surrounds us. I also think that doing things like sewing at home, baking cakes or knitting does not conflict with other aspects of modern life. Everything is compatible.

Housework rules or what do you think?

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