Gifts made with love: Last-minute knitted gifts

Last-minute knitted gifts - wrap

I bought the book “Last-minute knitted gifts” last spring and now is the time to take advantage of it! The author is Joelle Hoverson who is the owner of the famous store Purl Soho in New York.

Book Last-minute knitted gifts

At first when she was proposed to write the book was hesitant because she thought the proposed format might cut off her creativity, but in the end she must have liked it because she has written a sequel.

Last-minute knitted gifts - tools

Last-minute knitted gifts shows different knitting projects illustrated with beautiful photographs by Anna Williams so whatever your level is you can make with your own hands wonderful gifts to your loved ones. And that is one of the best ways to show your affection, to give a present made for yourself!

Last-minute knitted gifts - christmas ornaments

To be practical, the book is divided into several sections:

– Projects that can be done in less than two hours
– Projects to be done from two to four hours
– Projects to be done from four to six hours
– Projects to be done from six to eight hours
– Projects to be done over eight hours

Last-minute knitted gifts - children's cotton hats

I guess the time it takes to complete each project also depends on the skill of each knitter. I’m pretty newbie so I think I will start by making mittens that seem easy :P

Last-minute knitted gifts - mittens

In the book there are other chapters that talk about the color, different types of wool, basic concepts and tools, how to wrap gifts, recommended readings and more.

Last-minute knitted gifts - leg warmers

It is written in English, but I guess whatever your language is you won’t have any problem understanding it if you’re used to reading knitting patterns.

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