Ezebee: Helping small businesses reach out to the world


Today I want to talk about Ezebee, which is a newly created marketplace where small entrepreneurs can setup their online store and open it to the entire world for free. In Ezebee you can not only sell products, but you can also offer your services as a freelancer.

I wanted to give it a try long ago and now I just started uploading items to my showroom. The web design is fresh and simple, and it will soon launch its version for mobile phones and tablets.

Ezebee mobile

Help Ezebee

Recently they launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, where people can give their support to various campaigns, donating money for a reward. Basically this is crowdfunding.

In the case of Ezebee, you can collaborate with them just sharing this link or making a donation from the equivalent to inviting them to a coffee.

Team Ezebee

There are different rewards offered: from discount vouchers to use on their platform to free promotions if you own a shop on Ezebee. At the end of the campaign, if their goal is reached, they will donate 2% of the total amount to a selection of non-profit organizations.

Also when their crowdfunding campaign will be over, they’ll make ​​several raffles among all people who have supported them. The first prize will be an electric Renault car.

What do you think about this kind of crowdfunding campaigns? Did you know Ezebee already?


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