Experimenting with natural dyes

Tintes naturales Mundo Lanar
I wanted to show you part of what has been the creation of the latest collection Northwest Passage. For this collection I needed quality materials and concisous at the same time, so I decided to experiment with natural dyes for the bag zippers. I use zippers handmade in Spain 100% cotton. I came up with the idea of using walnut shells that is the easiest way to start experimenting with natural dyes. When I got the idea I immediately I thought of Romi and Ato. I met them at one of the lovely editions of Nomada Market and they are professionals of Slow Culture and natural dyes. They advised and provided me with the materials to make the dye. Their brand Romi & Ato integrates Mundo Lanar, Tinctorea and Ecolorgy three interrelated projects whose theme is to explore the possibilities offered by nature to meet the needs of a concisious consumer recognizing the importance of natural, healthy, durable and renewable colors. They have recently moved to the Valley of Soba (Cantabria) where they impart their master classes. I hope to tell you more about this in the future. Here are some photos of the dyeing process and the result. As you can see the zippers have now a beautiful brown color that I love. YKK zippers 100% cotton natural dyes with walnut shells natural dyes with walnut shells zipper natural dyed with walnut shells