We don’t go to the movies

The ancient chairs of the old cinema

Photo by Bilal Kamoon

Past weekend we came up with the great idea of ​​going to the cinema to see Rush, Ron Howard’s latest film about the life of the driver Niki Lauda. When we got to the movies we had a great disappointment seeing the admission price (9.20 euros!) And we we decided to turn around. I admit that we don’t go to the cinema very often and almost always on reduction price days, but my guy was very excited to see this movie and I was so naive not to check the ticket price before!

For those of you who read me from other countries surely you don’t understand wheter the price of the tickets in Madrid are expensive or cheap, but you can have an idea of the price if I tell you that the price to see the film at the cinema is almost the same as the price of buying the film in blu ray to watch it at home.

Many will say that if people don’t go to the movies is because of piracy, home cinema and because the sky is blue. The truth is that Spain is one of the most expensive countries regarding to culture with the rise in VAT to 21%. Going to the movies has its charm, but cinema was murdered long ago in this country and most of the cinemas in the cities and towns had to close, there are opened just  the big ones in shopping malls.

Now think of the parents who have to take 3 or 4 children to the movies every weekend … the joke for admission and the candies can cost about 70 euros more or less right? You may not find it expensive compared to the cost of other things but honestly I find it a scam.

Back in 2006 I investigated a bit on this subject and I learned that going to the movies in Helsinki costed 8.50 euros, only 2.50 euros more than in Murcia (which was where I lived at the time). But what about the average salary in Finland? Well not so similar to Spain: 2,669 euros / month gross men, 2,146 euros / month gross women. The comparison with the salaries of 2006 in Spain was painful, but currently it can be depressing :(

So no wonder they do a public promotion with popular prices and it will be a success. Then, we have to settle for not going to the movies… and not doing many other things in this country!

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