DIY Recycled fruit box

Caja fruta reciclada / Recycled fruit box

I’ve wanted to recycle a fruit box, there are many tutorials on the internet and the possibilities are endless. So finally I decided to recycle my own box and I’ll tell you how I did it.

Fruit box / Caja de fruta

First I cleaned the box a little and I used a sandpaper to smooth the pointy parts and remove splinters that could be dangerous.

Painted fruit box / Caja de fruta pintada

Then I started painting it with some paints from Ikea that I had at home. I think they no longer sell it (at least not in this format) but it’s the typical for painting raw wood objects.

Materiales caja reciclada / Recycled box stuff

I came up to cover the sides with decorative paper and so I smeared it with craft glue and then put up the paper carefully.

Caja encolada / Glued box

Then I gave another layer of glue above the paper and waited for it to dry completely.

Glued box / Caja encolada

To decorate the edge of the box I used fabric tape in a color similar to the box.

Fabric tape / Cinta de tela

Finally I’ve decorated it with a rubber stamp. I still don’t know what I’m going to use it for but I want to do more of these!

Caja estampada / Stamped box

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