DIY plastic bottle bracelet

DIY Plastic bottle bracelet / DIY pulsera con botella de plástico

Today I bring a very easy tutorial with recycled materials that proposed to me Valentina from Manù Macramè. The plastic bottle bracelet is another workshop that we did at the Etsy Craft Party in Madrid and virtually no sewing is required to do it. The materials needed are: a plastic bottle, a cutter, fabrics and trimmings and a glue gun or fabric glue.

Plastic bottle stuff / Materiales pulsera con botella de plástico

First with the cutter cut a piece of the bottle about 3 or 4 centimeters wide depending on how wide you want the bracelet.

Cutting plasctic bottle bracelet / Cortando pulsera con botella de plástico

Once cut we can leave it as it is or make a transverse cut to fit your wrist, always leaving enough space to remove it and put it with ease. It is recommend lining it with tape to fix the cut and cover sharp edges.

Plastic bottle bracelet wrapped with tape / Pulsera con botella de plástico forrada con cinta

After that, either with tape or glue, attach one end of the fabric with which you want to line the bracelet and go passing around. In this case fabric comes from a t-shirt that fits very well and leaves very decorative folds.

Attaching fabric to plastic bottle bracelet / Pegando tela a pulsera con botella de plástico

To finish lining bracelet you may stick the other end with glue on the inside or you can make a couple of stitches to hold it better, up to you!

Sewing fabric to the plastic bottle bracelet / Cosiendo tela a la pulsera con botella de plástico

You can add more embellishments to the bracelet using a hot glue gun or fabric glue.

Spreading glue over the plastic bottle bracelet / Esparciendo pegamento en la pulsera con botella de plástico

In this case I used a white lace ribbon, but you can also use buttons, sequins and all sorts of trimmings.

Attaching lace to the plastic bottle bracelet / Pegando encase a la pulsera con botella de plástico

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