DIY plaid-blanket wrap

Today I will show you how to make a very simple and wearable garment! Here in Madrid the cold has not come yet , so you can still take advantage of some days to go out without a coat.

DIY plaid-blanket wrap

The tutorial comes from the book Sweat Shop – The Book: Crafts & Cakes from the Paris Sewing Café and also appeared in issue 6 of Mollie Makes magazine. Sweat shop was a café couture in Paris which sadly closed last year and emerged as a way to promote the creation from an ethical point of view and the “do it yourself” philosophy.

Sweat Shop Paris

All we need is:

– A plaid blanket or cloth about 140 x 280 cm
– Cord of about 10 cm
– A button 3 cm diameter

DIY plaid-blanket wrap

The first step is to cut a piece of fabric of 180 x 140 cm and fold it in half crosswise facing the outside of the fabric (in my case the fabric is the same on both sides). then we’ll have a folded piece of fabric of about 90 x 140 cm.

We draw a straight line across the middle of the piece to just 7 cm from the fold and draw a half oval shape approximately 20 cm across.

DIY plaid-blanket wrap

Then cut off the first layer of fabric along the line and the oval completely.

DIY plaid-blanket wrap

With the rest of the fabric left we make the hood. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and cut the shape of the hood following this pattern, leaving 1 cm for seam allowance.

DIY plaid-blanket wrap

We’ll have two equal pieces, pin them together round the edge (A) and sew taking 1 cm seam allowance.

DIY plaid-blanket wrap

Unfold the hood and pin it to the neckline of the main piece by the curve (B). Sew leaving 1 cm seam allowance.

DIY plaid-blanket wrap - pockets fabric

With the remaining fabric we can cut two pockets (in this case of 22 x 18 cm) and sew them at the desired height.

DIY plaid-blanket wrap - cord and button for the close

With cord and the button make a close for the coat. Form a loop large enough to allow the button to pass and sew it under the hood by covering the ends with a squared piece of fabric in the back, sew the edges and diagonally across the square. Also sew the button on the opposite, and you’re done!

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