DIY lunch backpack

empty lunch backpack

Following the tutorials suggested, today I show you how to make a lunch backpack for the kids as recomended by Maria José from Fieltropiezos. Now that we are back to school it will come in handy to those of you who have children.

pieces of fabric for the lunch backpack

We will need a piece of fabric 33 x 85 cm for the bag and two strips of fabric 10 x 125 cm for the straps.

lunch backpack strap

Once cut, iron all the pieces bending the straps in half lengthwise leaving the back of the fabric out.

lunch backpack strap

Then sew the edges, flip the straps and iron them again.

Fold the remaining pieces of fabric in half with the back of the fabric facing out. With pins now attach the straps inside the bag at the bottom, each one aside with the ends together.

sewing straps to the lunch backpack

Sew each side of the bag stopping at about 8 centimeters from the top.

strap sewn to the lunch backpack

On the right side, put the straps on the top edge of the bag interlacing them together and make a hem over them holding it with pins.

interlacing together straps for the lunch backpack

Turn over the bag to sew the hem.

sewing hem for lunch backpack

Flip over the bag and now it can be used for children’s lunch or whatever we want. Try it! It’s easy! ;)

lunch backpack from top

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