DIY kawaii rabbit

DIY kawaii rabbit

Today I’ll teach how you to make a funny kawaii puppet rabbit-shaped that you can give away to a little one this Christmas.

DIY kawaii rabbit materials

The pattern and the materials came in a french magazine that I bought a few months ago. Basically they are some threads, a couple of pieces of microfiber cloth and a piece of black interfacing.

DIY kawaii rabbit pattern

Cut all the pieces considering that the largest piece (A11) is double and must include some space for seams allowance.

DIY kawaii rabbit pieces

Place the belly part (A12) over one of the pieces of the body (A11) using the hash mark as a guide. Pin it and sew it using zig zag stitch or backward stitch.

DIY kawaii rabbit

Put the leg pieces (A13-A15) on the same piece of the body that was sewn in the previous step. Pin and sew them by hand with festoon stitch.

Also sew the nose piece (A16) and make the eyes and mouth with decorative stitch.

DIY kawaii rabbit

Put the two body pieces (A11) together facing sides, hold with pins and sew. Finally, sew the piece of the tail (A17) in the back of the puppet. It’s very simple to make and the kids will sure love it!

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