DIY decorative vinyl

Film adhesivo, tijeras, cúter y lápiz / adhesive film, scissors, cutter and pencil

Long ago I wanted to customize a table from Ikea that I have at home which is not very graceful and I came up to decorate it with some decorative vinyls.

Film adhesivo / adhesive film

You can buy these kinds of things in many places, but if you can’t find a design that suits what you want you can make them yourself using adhesive film of the color you prefer.

Banderas de film adhesivo / Flags made of adhesive film

Draw your design on the back of the adhesive paper and cut it out.

Banderas de film adhesivo / Flags made of adhesive film

Take off the paper behind the film and place it carefully on the surface you want to decorate. I wanted to draw some flags that is very easy, but you can make any design you like.

Vinilos decorativos caseros / homemade decorative vinyls

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