DIY Cushion cover

Africa mapamundi cushion cover

A few days ago I’ve been in a lovely shop in Madrid called Black Oveja and I bought a nice fabric with the world map printed on it reading “Sew me”, I couldn’t wait to get home and do something with it!

mapamundi fabric

I wanted to make a purse with it but I had enough fabric to make also a cushion cover, which is something very simple to do, so I cut one meter to make it.

DIY Cushion cover

First it is sewn a hem in the short sides to make a rear opening.

DIY Cushion cover

Then you can turn it upside down and hold it with pins to close the cushion cover.

DIY Cushion cover

After that, you have to sew where the pins are.

DIY Cushion cover

Finally with the cover turned upside down you can cut out the edges with a zig zag scissors to prevent the fabric from fraying.

DIY Cushion cover

I recommend that if you go to Madrid visit Black Oveja in Sagasta Street 7th, near Bilbao metro station, they really have so many beautiful stuff to make all kinds of craft projects and the also make very interesting workshops there.

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