DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas ornaments

Today I wanted to show you how I made some ornaments to decorate the tree this Christmas. They are very simple and very quick to make.

DIY Christmas ornaments

This is what you’ll need:

– Thick felt of whatever color you want
– Ribbon
– Cutter
– Cutting mat
– Ruler
– Soapberry

DIY Christmas ornaments

The first thing I did was to draw on the felt with a soapberry the shape I wanted for the ornaments.

DIY Christmas ornaments

Then I cut with the cutter the shapes I draw. If the cutter blade is not very sharp you can finish cutting the shapes with a scissors.

DIY Christmas ornaments

Finally you have to cut a piece of ribbon and sew it with a few stitches to each one of the figures.

DIY Christmas ornaments

They look very nice and once finished you can decorate them even more by adding other stuff like sequins or beads.

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