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Purl Soho

Entrada Purl Soho NY

A few days ago I showed to you the fabrics I bought when I was in New York at Purl Soho store. Well, today I show you other things that I saw in that store and in other craft stores in New York. At Purl Soho, which as its name suggests is in the Soho area of New York, there are fabrics, wool, lovely books, tea, threads… The truth is that I couldn’t stop looking everywhere in the store and I took like 50 photos in five minutes but it was all so beautiful!

Purl Soho NY

Bastidores en Purl Soho NY

Te, hilos, telas y telar en Purl Soho NY

libros, lanas y cerdito de punto en Purl Soho NY

Merchant & Mills y materiales en Purl Soho NY


Michaels NY

I wanted to visit Michaels because I had heard it was like a supermarket of craft items and indeed it is! Located on the Upper West Side and it’s so big and there’s so much to see that you don’t know where to start! There was everything: stamps, fimo, felt, beads, buttons, crochet and knitting stuff, embroidery stuff, many varieties of ModPodge, marquetry, cartonnage, paint, stationary, scrapbooking stuff, bake accessories… Wow! Crazy!

Michaels NY

Mod podge, troqueladoras, casas de madera y letras en Michaels NYLanas, cupcakes, origami y scrapbooking en Michaels NY

M&J Trimming

M&J Trimming NY

M&J Trimming is a store on the Sixth Avenue where they have all kinds of trimmings, beads, chains, ties, threads… the truth is that I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of things that were exposed, but of course you can spend hours there looking for treasures.

M&J Trimming NY
M&J Trimming NY

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