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Last Sunday I attended for the first time to a meeting with El Club del Handmade Madrid. I didn’t know anyone and I felt a bit awkward, but quickly they made ​​me feel like one of them and I really had a great time. The meeting was in a place called A tu ritmo that we all rented to spend the morning.

The first one to strike up a conversation was Valentina from Manú Macramé, it was also her first hangout so she was a bit like me. Just after eating something we sat down and organizers, Beatriz, Veronika, Lara and Raquel, began to take roll and revise the the stuff we had ordered for the workshop. There were many girls and it’s really hard to keep track of everything!


The workshop of this hangout was about making a decorated headband / headdress and a yo-yo brooch. The teachers, Arantxa, Raquel, Anita and Clara explained everything so clearly and went from table to table delivering the stuff and answering questions. One of the things we learned at the workshop was to cover buttons with fabric and for me and for many others it was a great discovery, it’s super easy and you can recycle scraps which seemed useless!

At the end of the morning I was able to say hello to Laura from A Happy Day’s Collage and to Rocío from Areia. There were many people left to know like Vanesa from Los Buenos Aires de Madrid, but I hope to attend to many more hangouts and get to know all the girls. Congratulations to the organization and the teachers for making the morning so fun and enjoyable!

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