Club del Handmade Madrid: Knitting workshop

Club del Handmade Madrid: Knitting workshop

Last Sunday there was another Club del Handmade Madrid meeting and I went to Matadero de Madrid to learn things and have a good time with the girls of the club. It was time for a knitting workshop, and it was great for me because my level is quite low.

We split into several groups to develop various projects with the teachers LolaSorayaVioleta, Sonia, Beatriz and Anita. I signed up to Soraya’s group to make a turban, and although I did not get to finish it Soraya was very nice and showed us how to make new stitches and various tricks.

Photo by Silvia Buján

The place of the meeting, Matadero de Madrid, is a cultural space very dynamic and animated. It was a success and we have to congratulate the organizers for the efforts they have made to celebrate the meeting there (and the next to come). In addition, to visitors who were walking by we were an attraction, as they watched us with curiosity and took many photos.

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