Chelsea Neighborhood NY

Chelsea Market NY

 Chelsea Neighborhood NY

A few days ago I returned from my trip to New York and I’m back in love with the city, so in the next few posts I’ll certainly get really annoying with the NY issue telling my impressions.

Today I will talk about the Chelsea neighborhood located in Midtown Manhattan and it would be my preferred area to live in NY in the hypothetical case that I would ever live there!

Whole Foods Chelsea

When we began to explore the neighborhood the first thing we came across was the supermarket “Whole Foods” which sells a variety of organic foods and prepared meals, all perfectly placed and presented. What I liked best are the posters that were around the supermarket with quotes from movies and cartoons, super fun!

Billy's Bakery

On the way to the Chelsea Market, which was one of the sites that I had on my list of places to visit, we found several really nice places. Including “Billy’s Bakery” that has a lovely shabby decor and a great variety of stunning cupcakes.

Chelsea Market

Later we reached the “Chelsea Market” that is located in the building that was formerly the Nabisco factory, which created the famous Oreo cookies. The place was renovated and converted into offices and a mall where you can find all kinds of shops, showrooms, restaurants and cafes, all in a friendly atmosphere and maintaining the industrial air of the old factory.

Eleni's Cookies

One of the places that I wanted to visit at Chelsea Market was the cookie store “Eleni’s” that sell the richest cookies that I’ve ever tasted in my life! The first time I heard of Eleni’s was when some relatives brought these cookies from a trip to NY and I loved them. They also sell cupcakes and all kinds of products for decorating cookies at home. Right next to Eleni’s is “Fat Witch Bakery” that sells  yummi brownies (you can imagine I ate a lot these days :p)

Fat Witch Bakery, Chelsea Market

Inside the Chelsea Market there is a space of “Artists & Fleas” that brings together designers of clothing, jewelry, illustrators and other handmade and vintange products, all spiced with music from a DJ who plays old vinyls.

Artists and Fleas at Chelsea Market

We were also in a book store called “Posman Books” which had many stationery items and books about cooking and fashion, but no craft books that is what I was looking for.

Posman Books, Chelsea Market

Finally, also in the Chelsea Market, we were in a shop of “Anthropologie“. I just knew this brand online and I found the store was delightful, and discovered that not only they sell clothing but also home furnishings and decor items.

Anthropologie store, Chelsea Market

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