Your capsule wardrobe: how to create a minimalist and sustainable wardrobe

Armario cápsula

Sustainability is a concept that you can include in your day-to-day life through your own clothes. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is so trendy right now. Surely you’ve heard it but, do you really know what it is? In this post we are going to tell you how to create a practical, sustainable and lasting wardrobe, with your own style.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is just an organization system that will help to get dressed and create different looks using very few clothes. So that you always use clothes that you really like and suits your style.

To achieve that perfect wardrobe you will need basic clothes, those that never go out of style. A good number can be between 35 and 40 pieces that you can combine without getting bored or feeling that you always wear the same clothes. Pajamas, sportswear, underwear or clothing for special occasions are not included in this selection.

By creating a capsule wardrobe the most important thing is that you’ll learn to look at clothes from another perspective, with new eyes. You’ll think about its functionality, durability and ways to combine clothes. It’s an exercise that you will start doing now, and that will be very useful on other aspects of your life.

The keys to a capsule wardrobe

You may change the wardrobe and arrange your clothes and accessories every season. But it will be useless until you follow some guidelines that will help you simplify your day to day life:

  1. Examine your wardrobe. Analyze thoroughly what you already have. Sort your clothes by categories by counting each of the garments. Try the clothes if necessary.
  2. Identify your style and colors that suit you. The clothes in your wardrobe should adapt to your lifestyle and your tastes. The style that defines us and that adapts to our day to day is unique for each person.
  3. Choose the final pieces of your wardrobe. In a capsule wardrobe you must include those garments that you really like, those that make you feel good and that are aligned with your ideals. That is the way to get a really useful and sustainable wardrobe.
  4. Discard or recycle. You can donate or give away the clothes that you have decided to take out of your closet and that are still in good condition. Damaged clothes can be recycled or you can use them for other things.
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Your master list

The best way to plan your capsule closet is by making a list of all the clothes and accessories that you are going to include in it. This way you will have a global vision of your wardrobe and it will be easier for you to combine the garments. Did you ever have the feeling of having nothing to wear while your wardrobe is full of clothes?

It will also help you decide if you need to buy new clothes to complete your capsule wardrobe.

capsule wardrobe planner
When you go shopping, think about what you already have and choose sustainable options that fit well with your style and your personality, so you will feel fully identified with what you wear.

  • Use local brands whenever is possible.
  • Buy natural fabrics and avoid synthetic fibers.
  • Choose items that have been manufactured with respect to people, animals and nature.

Keep in mind that choosing high quality clothes and accessories, we avoid the excessive consumption that does no good to the environment. To promote sustainable consumption every year is celebrated the Fashion Revolution Day, you can read more about it here.

I encourage you to start applying these guidelines for next season and adapt them to your needs. This way you can take advantage of what you already have and it will help you to simplify your life.

We have prepared a very simple printable for you to make the list of essential items of your capsule wardrobe. You can download it here.

capsule wardrobe planner guide

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