Best DIYs in 2013

To end 2013 I leave you with a summary of this year’s best DIYs in the blog. More and better in 2014!

DIY Valentine's gift box

In February I made a gift box for Valentine’s Day with foam.

DIY customized bucket with washi tape

With a bit of washi tape you can make a nice bucket for pencils.

DIY embroidered iphone case

You can also add color to your mobile case with a needle and embroidery thread.

DIY cushion cover

Use your favorite fabric to make a cushion cover.

DIY tote bag with tshirt

You can make a nice tote bag with an old t-shirt.

DIY needle case

Learn how to sew a case for your knitting and crochet needles.

DIY lunch backpack

It is also very easy to sew a backpack for the kids lunch.

DIY plaid blanket wrap

Use a blanket to make a wrap hoodie.

DIY collar scarf with knitting loom

And the easiest way to knit a collar scarf with a knitting loom, not even knowing how to knit!

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