Back from Molly Market

Molly Market

I’m still recovering from last weekend at Molly Market in La sede COAM. It was a busy weekend but I also caught a cold because our booth was placed next to the air conditioners … negative point for the organization, although there were positives ones as live music and children’s area.

My fellow through thick and thin throughout the weekend was the great Estrella Checa with her fun creations. She is about to launch her website and you’ll love it for sure ;)

I met up again with super-creative people like Los Buenos Aires de Madrid, Mi abuela Lila and Little Lili things, UbadubaSilouette CreationsNacnic, EmeEme, Cervezas La Virgen, Balocco & Bambola, La Mar de Guapa, Las Pájaras, Evaforeva and VandHell´s among many others.

I also had the opportunity to chat with really nice people like Isa who manufactures tutus and capes with superpowers under her brand Vulpini VulpiAmasarte who creates beautiful ceramic pieces, Tita portalibros with her original covers for all kind of objects and also I met the other half of Singular Sisters, who create colorful accessories.

Many thanks to all of you who came to say hello and once again to my dear Pablo who always supports me and helps me in all events in which Xianna participates.

La Sede COAM

Estrella Checa in Molly Market

Molly Market VII

Max Sach Art in Molly Market

Molly Market VII

Molly Market VII

Xianna in Molly Market


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