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As the last post about my trip around Ireland I wanted to tell you about this place which I fell in love with at first sight. Avoca is one of the most successful irish family business, which has been running for more than 30 years. Although currently they sell products in more than 1,500 stores worldwide, they have managed to maintain the traditional homemade environment in their stores.


I came across Avoca during the tour we took to the Powerscourt mansion since there’s an Avoca store located within it. Before arriving at the mansion the guide from “Ireland in Spanish” told us about it but little did I know it was such a lovely place until I got there. I think any lover of handmade and traditional decor would find it an ideal place as it happened to me.


As the visit to the mansion only lasted one hour and we had to walk around the gardens I had to visit the store very quickly. But luckily in the center of Dublin I found another of their stores with several floors, which of them prettier! On the main floor there are home accessories, clothing and accessories for women, below kitchen accessories and a gourmet shop. On the upper floors, there were yarn balls and blankets, clothing and accessories for children and on the top floor there’s a restaurant-cafe that was completely full of people.


Ireland is a country of great wool tradition and the fabrics of cashmere and aran are typical from there. Aran is a highly appreciated wool in Ireland for its waterproof properties and it is original from the Aran Islands, so the aran sweaters are a popular souvenir. Patricia, the guide from “Ireland in Spanish” who was very nice, told us a story about a common belief that in the past Irish aran sweaters were knitted with a distinct individual pattern for every irish family so when a sailor was found dead at the sea they could identify him by the pattern of the sweater he was wearing.

I post some pictures and the Avoca website so you can figure out what I’m talking about:http://www.avoca.ie

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